Create Beautiful Freebies and Workbooks (...without hiring a designer)

The Ultimate Freebie Template is the easiest and fastest way to create a beautiful and professional looking layouts for your freebies, lead magnets, workbooks, step-by-step guides, recipe cards, and much more.


Want freebies & workbooks customers can't resist? Want to save time & money, and look fabulous?

This beautiful, printable, and customizable template enables you to create the layouts you need quickly and effortlessly. Just add your branding and content to in minutes (without any professional software or hiring a designer!)

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54 professionally designed Canva layouts, 10 gorgeous bonus covers, and 12 header / footer options.

...and the step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to use them.


Tailored for lead magnets, freebies, and workbooks:

  • 9 Step-by-Step Guide Templates to guide your ideal customer through the transformation
  • 4 Process Graphics so you can effortlessly present your 'secret sauce'
  • 2 Journals & 3 Checklists to help your customers stay on task and plan for success
  • 5 Worksheet Templates so you can quickly and easily create workbooks and forms
  • 5 Recipe Card Templates so you can quickly deliver your tastiest recipes

Never settle! Now you have plenty to choose from.

An abundance of cover options:  

  • 7 Cover Options in the main layout template to choose from
  • 6 Section Openers for an eBoom or workbook that has multiple sections — or to be used as a template for a cover
  • BONUS: 10 Inspirational Cover Designs created by using the template as a starting point to give you ideas and inspiration — or to use as is.

Beautiful text layouts to tell your story: 


  • Writing and eBook? Or need to provide the transcript of your podcast or vlog to your listeners? No problem — the beautiful text & image layouts are perfect for this.
  • 7 text & image layouts: one for about the author page, 2 single column, and 4 two column layouts.
  • 12 Customizable, polished header / footer designs to make your layouts look professional, unique, and identifiable 

Dashing device mockups for your product promotion!


  • Mobile app promo — Promote your smartphone content or apps with this beautiful mockup
  • Mixed devices — Perfect for showcasing your digital offerings and programs in the device context
  • 2 Mixed media & devices — Perfect mix of digital devices and traditional worksheet for variety
  • 2 eBook promos — Showcase your eBook (or workbooks) with this mixed media combo
  • Traditional book — Your books and workbooks have never looked this good

Get immediate access to all 54 Canva Layout Templates (covers, section openers, text layouts, process graphics, recipe cards, step-by-step guides, worksheets, checklists, journals / calendars, promo layouts), 10 Extra Cover Designs12 Header/footer designs, and business strategy and marketing bonuses just for ONE SINGLE PAYMENT OF $37.


Do you want to...

Spend more time doing what you love with your customers and less time being anxious, overwhelmed, or confused over how to make your freebies and workbooks look amazing.

I get it. Design is not your superpower, nor does it need be. Luckily though, it is my superpower. And I wanted to make sure you never have to waste one more minute feeling stuck or self-conscious because of your marketing or learning content.

Design ...Like Magic

Professionally designed layout templates for high quality.

Save Time & Money

Stop guessing. Get results quickly without spending a fortune.

Focus on What You Do Best

Lose the design anxiety and focus fully on your superpower.

Here's what you get:

When you get started today, you get an instant access to all of the pages shown below which include beautiful cover options, section openers, text layouts, process graphics, step-by-step guides, checklists, calendars, recipe cards, promotional layouts, and worksheets — all 100% editable and customizable to your brand and content.

And examples of what you can create:

Possibilities are virtually endless! Here below are just few examples of what you could do in matter of minutes. Make it your own by adding your brand colours, photos and content to each page. And of course, only use the layouts you need and duplicate the pages you love!

What else is included?

You get everything listed above and...

  • 10 Inspirational cover designs created with the cover template to give you ideas how the templates can be used (or to be used in your design as is)
  • 12 Customizable, polished header / footer designs to make your layouts look professional, unique, and identifiable
  • Step-by-step tutorials to show you how to use the Canva templates
  • Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Layouts video training

Plus, these Amazing Bonuses:

(7 Bonus Lessons & 175+ Social Media Topics — Value $497)

175+ Post & Live Topics for Social Media

Never run out of things to say again! With these post prompts you will always know what to post. The prompts are created to highlight your offering and business in an engaging, non-salesy way. 


5 Days to Brand & Business Clarity Training 
(5 Videos)

Get an actionable roadmap to a powrful brand and understand the secrets to creating a brand that connects with your ideal customer.

This powerful training teaches you the tools to build impactful strategies around any big project you need to tackle. 

The skills you acquire in this 5 part training can be used to build impactful strategies and roadmaps for any big project you need to tackle. These are the same tools big companies like Autodesk, GE, and Google use to plan out their roadmaps.


 Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Layouts video training
(2 Videos)

Learn how to ensure any layout you create always ends up looking beautiful and professional — and how to get the most out of your templates.

This is perfect for you if...

  • You need to create beautiful and polished freebies / lead magnets or workbooks but you're not a designer — and you don't want to hire one.
  • You've used Canva before but don't want to waste any more time trying to find templates that match your needs — and scale with your marketing & brand.
  • You're tired of having ugly and unbranded resources for your business but you're not sure how to fix this quickly and within your budget.
  • You have to create marketing designs for your clients and want a template that makes your work faster and applying their branding easier. 

This entire offer is valued at $997 if purchased individually — Now it's all yours for just one payment of $37

  • 54 Canva Layout Templates — 7 x covers, 6 x section openers, 7 x text layouts, 4 x process graphics, 5 x recipe cards, 9 x step-by-step guides, 5 x worksheets, 3 x checklists, 2 x journals / calendars, 7 x promo layouts
  • 10 Inspirational Bonus Covers created by using the template as a starting point to give you ideas and inspiration — or to use as is.
  • 12 Customizable, polished header / footer designs to make your layouts look professional, unique, and identifiable
  • Step-by-step tutorials to show you how to use the Canva templates
  • Tips & Tricks for Beautiful Layouts video training to ensure you always create something gorgeous
  • 5 Days to Brand & Business Clarity — This powerful training teaches you the tools to build impactful strategies for branding and around any big project you need to tackle. 
  • 175+ Post & Live Topics for Social Media to highlight your offering and business in an engaging, non-salesy way — and always have ideas what to post.


I can comfortably say that these templates are some of the best ones I've seen out there. And I know I've put my best effort in creating layouts that are scalable and truly customizable. So, I have no qualms giving you 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you've given it a solid go and you're not happy with the Ultimate Freebie Template, simply show me the work that you have completed so far to show me you've tried, and I will refund your money back.

Why should you trust me and The Ultimate Freebie Template?

Hey there, I'm Aino.

I'm a brand strategist and a designer with 16+ years in the industry. I worked in branding agencies in San Francisco and in Finland, and learned from some of the world’s top creative minds.

I've also taught small business owners how to build their own brands and create dazzling marketing designs. I've been around the block and I know what works.

I specialize in working with with and helping out business owners who have no design background, so I know how to create templates, trainings, and assets that anyone can use efficiently and without headache — regardless of their background.

You may be thinking... 

 Will this template work for me?

The Ultimate Freebie Template was designed for you if you're a coach, consultant, mentor, healer, speaker, author, marketer, or entrepreneur who needs to create freebies, lead magnets, or workbooks without the process overwhelm or expensive designers.


What can I create with this template?

I've worked with content marketing since 2006. And I know that offering value is imperative. But looking professional and like the expert that you are is also critically important. I tailored this template to accommodate your needs in content marketing and added in multiple layouts to make sure your programs and products are served well, as well.

And in addition to your step-by-step guides and checklists (that are both so effective as freebies) you can create workbooks and worksheets for your programs, eBooks to get more clients, recipe cards or books to help your customers get healthier, and journals / calendars for tracking progress.


What's next?

It's so simple! Simply click the button below and you are taken to the checkout page where you can enter your name and details. Once you've completed your purchase, you will get an email with access to the video trainings and the templates.

Let's make your marketing look & feel like a million bucks so you can start charging the same.