Polished Brand Look & Feel in Minutes  (...without hiring a designer)

The Brand Identity Kit is the easiest and fastest way to create a beautiful and professional looking branding (logo, colors, fonts) for your business.


Want a Brand Customers Can't Resist? Want to save time & money, and look fabulous?



Did you know that you can get a Polished Brand just in a matter of minutes? No need to waste hours staring at your computer, trying to figure out what colors go well together, or negotiating with designers.

Imagine creating your branding quickly and without a headache ... and without figuring out professional software or hiring a designer!

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100 professionally designed color & font combinations, 11 gorgeous, complete brand identities, and a Logo Generator 

...and the step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to use them.


Each Brand Identity Template Includes: 

  • 3 (or more) Editable Logo Variations: The ability to fully customize your logo lockups
  • Color & White versions of your logo
  • Your Brand Color Palette: Never again create something without using your exact brand colors
  • Your Brand Fonts: No more guessing which fonts you think you used last time - cohesive branding starts here
  • Your Brand Identity Sheet: Not only you, but anyone you hire in the future will be crystal clear on what your brand elements are

Never settle! Now you have plenty to choose from.

Each Color & Font Sheet includes:
(...and there's 100 of them!) 

  • Professionally designed color library: Each color library has been created with best practices and design principles in mind
  • 2 Brand fonts: One for headlines, one for body copy — These free fonts are paired to work together beautifully
  • 3 Brand Personality Keywords: Reflecting the essence of the look & feel, these keywords help you make a choice that's aligned with your brand personality and vision

Endless logo options with the Logo Generator: 

  • None of the pre-made brand guidelines worked for you? Now problem, this Generator can create endless amount of logos for all your needs 
  • Generates all the logo versions your business needs: horizontal & vertical lockups, and all color versions (color, black, and white)
  • Video Tutorial shows you how to use the generator and teaches you the best practices of logo design so your logos will be impeccable
  • 6 Complete logo kits: The generator comes with 6 complete logo kits (36 logos) to inspire and educate you on the different kinds of look & feel your logo could promote

What are people saying about Brand Identity Kit?

Get immediate access to all 11 Brand Identity Templates (more than 35+ editable logos and logo elements!), 100 Color & Font PairingsLogo Generator with 6 premade logo kits (36+ logos), step-by-step Video Tutorials, and juicy brand strategy Bonuses for just



I know exactly what you're thinking...

"I feel like hiding from the world because my brand looks unprofessional and all over the place. If only I had a polished look and feel, I could step out of the shadows, show up for my customers, and fulfill my business potential."

Well, my friend, you're so close you can almost touch it. Let's get your brand sorted out so you don't have to feel embarrassed. Let's make you look like a million bucks so you can start charging the same. 

Design ...Like Magic

Professionally designed templates to get any brand style you desire.

Save Time (& Money)

Stop guessing. Get results quickly without spending a fortune.

Reignite Your Confidence

Get a brand makeover. And look and feel like the expert you are.

Unlike other DIY logo options or templates you've seen, this one was crafted carefully to support scalability and all logo needs you may have. 


Most of the DIY logo templates that I see out there are created to look beautiful. But they don't respect the best practices of logo design like legibility or scalability.

What good is a logo you can't use in a document footer because the shape or lockup does not support that?

What good is a logo that when scaled to a small size is not legible anymore? (E.g. using the logo in the header of your website on a mobile phone...)

I've been in the industry for a loooong time. And I know the best practices. I also have an extraordinaire eye for design. So, you can count on these templates to not only function beyond expectations but also be polished and beautiful — just like you and your business.

Here's everything that's included:

100 Color & Font pairings

  • Never run out of options and inspiration
  • Each pairing has 6 colors, 2 fonts, inspirational image, and 3 brand keywords to help you with the brand personality alignment
  • Value $297

11 Brand Identities (as Canva Templates)

  • 35+ fully customizable, modern logo templates
  • Logos in color and in white
  • 6 Brand colors paired with 2 brand fonts
  • Value $297

Canva Logo Generator

  • Design a unique logo based on the parameters of this expert Logo Generator
  • Follow the best practices included in the template and explained the video tutorial.
  • Value $297

Easy Breezy Implementation with Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

I will show you exactly how to customize, edit, and download your logos - both in color or transparent white. Tutorials also show how to use the templates to create something new with them.


*Not all, but some of the logo templates are created with elements or fonts that require you to have a Canva Pro plan ($12.95 USD or 30-Day Free Trial). You can cancel your Pro Plan once you download your logo files, if you wish.

Plus, get the Business Value Maximizer bonus training for free!

(7 Bonus Lessons — Value $497)

The Brand Strategy Bundle (3 Videos)

Focus on the right things. Learn how powerful brands are built and what are the warning signs you need to watch for.

  1. What Makes A Powerful Brand?
  2. How Brands Are Built?
  3. 7 Telltale Signs Your Brand Strategy Is Off

The Customer Strategy Bundle (2 Videos)

Attract and target the right people. Learn to define a clear Niche Audience and understand the psychological impacts of your brand.

  1. Finding Your Niche Audience
  2. Psychology in Branding

The Marketing Impact Bundle (2 Videos)

Learn to create powerful marketing PDFs and never run out of ideas for social media posts & lives.

  1. How to design great marketing PDFs?
  2. 175+ Post & Live Topics for Social Media

What are people saying about Brand Identity Kit?

This entire offer is valued at $1300+ if purchased individually -- all yours for just one payment of $27

  • 70+ Customizable Logos
  • 11 Complete Brand Templates with logos, colors, and fonts (editable and customizable)
  • The Logo Generator for creating a unique logo for your business following logo design best practices (comes with 6 pre-made logo kits and a tutorial for logo design)
  • 100 Professional Color & Font pairings
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials on how to use templates
  • The Business Value Maximizer Bonus Training (7 lessons)


I can comfortably say that this Brand Identity Kit is one of the best ones I've seen out there. And I know I've put my best effort in creating templates that are scalable and truly customizable. So, I have no qualms giving you 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you've given it a solid go and you're not happy with the Brand Identity Kit, simply show me the work that you have completed so far to show me you've tried, and I will refund your money back.

Why should you trust me and Brand Identity Kit?

 Hey there, I'm Aino.

I'm a brand strategist and a designer with 16+ years in the industry. I worked in branding agencies in San Francisco and in Finland, and learned from some of the world’s top creative minds.

I've also taught small business owners how to build their own brand strategies and design their own visual identities. I've been around the block and I know what works.

I've seen it over and over again — the impact polished branding can have not only on your bank account but also on your professional self-esteem. And trust me, those two have a connection. 

I specialize in working with with and helping out business owners who have no design background, so I know how to create templates, trainings, and assets that anyone can use efficiently and without headache.

Let's get you to look & feel like a million bucks so you can start charging the same.